Sunday, January 23, 2005


Damn its was cold out 2day n still cold. Not much snow but my drive drifted in n there's no way im goin 2 shovel snow 2day freeze my lungs. Went 2 my bro's, was hard 2 breath that air. My nostrils stuck 2gether. Went 2 get his paper n flyers don't want him goin out in that coldness. The cold might kill his battery anyway ,then he b screwed. We had white outs n wind chill n there were still ppl walkin around. Had 2 b kids only 1's tough enough or dumb enuff. Good thing i turn heat down at night,oil might not last till Monday. Roughly 24 hours n ill have a full tank nuff 2 get me through till spring i hope. I hate Scrooge'in but what else can u do with a minimum income. But better days comin i can feel it in my bones. I'll just keep tryin 2 get the $40.000 i need to start my business or as close 2 amount as i can get. I can always shave off a few things, it was the way i planned it anyway. I will still need a building 2 work out of eventually but 4 now my basement is big enuff. Well better call my aunt n get the latest gossip. Only have 2 aunts left a far cry from the 20 some kids in that family[moms side]big family. They did'nt have tv back then u I have no 1 from my dads side. My mom n dad had us sort of late in life so we don't remember our grandparents from either side. But all our great uncles n aunts we knew that was the next best thing. Better phone her.....later.


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