Saturday, January 22, 2005


All this cold weather were hav'iv is good 4 the ice fisherman,on small lakes. I don't know if Georgian Bay will freeze over this year. Most of tugs r on this side n also our sister rez's tugs 2. Its the new season 4 our commercial fisherman. To bad our co-op is no more. Some of the fisherman i've talked 2 r feelin the crunch now that there is no other place 2 sell fish. At least we gave them a fair price,even when we had 2 lower what we pay it was still more than the non-native fish buyers. If only the members had more of a hand in runnin our co-op. We had so many members but no 1 had time 2 come 2 meetings. Or even give us ideas on what to do n which way 2 go. But they could really bitch at the restarant. The Ministry is in the process of buyin out a couple of neighbourin non-native fisherman. Buyin back what was rightfully ours anyway,go figure.EH. lol. At least were not gettin 2 much snow,very little fallin . Just what fell is blowin around,but a storm comin so Fri. may bring a pile of it. But the wind chill is bad keep me dogs in. Now that i only have a few inches of oil in my tank it gets bitterly cold n my furnace is cyclin on more. Never did get my wood furnace home. When we do its gonna b a job n a 1/2. Have 2 bring up-stairs n through house no entrence from outside 2 basement. Most older houses always had separate entrances. Well i better answer some of my spam finally heard from my long lost nephew. Bundle up if u have 2 b out 2nite..........later


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