Thursday, January 20, 2005


What a let down no ''SEX TRIVIA'' 2nite,somtin about hav'in probs with bots. Wonder if thats anything like Crawlers. Did i ever mention the time i had crawlers but not from Thats 4 another time n place. I should just repeat ''SEX'' over n over n c what the crawler gives me 4 Goggle adds. It prob send me to Rex Humbart ,oral roberts or any1 of many Holy Rollers out My landlady in highschool used 2 listen 2 all those kind of radio shows . She new them all 24 - 7. But was she ever a good cook,not that my single parent dad could'nt cook cause he could. He made mistakes like the time he put taters in oven 2 bake n he 4got. We was in the livin room after supper n you could here ''PAH-PAH-PAH,it was our baked taters blowin up in the oven. I did'nt mind cleanin up cause i could'nt stop laughin . I wonder if that was why he jumped on tractor n went visitin. That was our means of transportation back then a 1940's Ford tractor ,then a upgrade 2 a brand spankin new 1960's Massey Ferguson. Also our means of lively hood. Those were good simple times,which i miss the odd time. Hey where did that tangent come from,i was braggin aboot me land-ladies cookin. But this was different it was white ppl food. I had veggies i did'nt know the name of. Had dishes i've never even heard of. When i was home with a Monday mornin hangover ,i heard a big crash. I jump up out of bed i thought she fell down,it was just the glory of the lord that threw her down. I peeked out my door n seen her on floor prayin for me cause i was sick. I did'nt tell her it was hangover. She did our laundry 2, i had a bro from the rez stayin here 2. I could never figure how 2 explain what an atletic support was. I could'nt tell her it was 2 keep ur canootchies from hangin out of ur gym shorts among other things. She was a good but strange landlady,she prob up there lookin at Well i guess if i cant talk about sex the next best thing is food. EH.......Well go make a pot of tea 4 the movie 2nite..............later


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