Sunday, February 13, 2005

''A BIG HEY 2 ALL MY FELLOW HEATHEN'S''how come ur not in church.

I myself get that feelin 2 go n darkin the Church's doorway now n agin. Only because deep down in dark parts of my brain [in ur's 2]ther's still that urge 2 go 2 church. Put there subliminaly by the public school system in CAHOOTS with the church. Catholics had it worse they had nun's 4 teachers. U remember hav'in 2 stand up in front of class on a chair n recite from the bible. And say the lords prayer n sing Oh Canada. That was startin 2 come 2 an end my last coupla years in public school. We were turnin militant against the system b4 we even relized what militant meant. We had a teacher Mr. Batkin we refused 2 say lords prayer or sing oh canada so he made us stand from 9am till 1pm. It wasno prob for us but my brother had polio n after 4 hours of standin his legs locked up. End of the day we carried him 2 the bus. Just got in the house n i was off with my dad on our tractor 2 go c Mr. Batkin. My dad never even knocked on the door ,he walked right up 2 Batkin n called him out . He said he would fight him in the house cause of his wife n kids. It got 2 cold 2 wait any longer so we left,he never came out. I was never more proud of my dad then. Batkin was havin an affair with 1 of the other teachers n 1 of the girls said somthin 2 make her cry. Batkin took her in the office n gave her the strap so bad it dis-located her fingers {he was a big man 6 ft. anyway]on both hands she had 2 go 2 hospital . Not only 4 her hands but she had a breakdown of some kind . Our last year in public school we went thru 12-14 teachers. Mrs. Taylor stuck it out cause we liked her. Then there was high school only had 2 fight 1 teacher there. My eldest daughter had him 4 teacher ,he told her he rememberd me. Seein she had same last name he asked her if she knew me. Well thats it 4 now mayb 2night. Can't be cyber stalkin all day gotta save some 4 Got movies 2 watch think my bro taped me ''Day After Tomorrow''..about end of world or some calamity so u heathens better go 2 church..........laterpeeps.


Blogger Pebbles said...

Hey Teddy. No i dont think i ever got an email like that before. Or i may have and just dont remember.

11:17 PM  

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