Friday, February 11, 2005


Twas a beeuuuuuuutiful day 2day. Bright, crisp n clear u could c 4 miles or kilometers. Which ever turns your crank. What turns my crank u ask,well i'd tell u but this is not x-rated blog. Thats at http://Sexkapades of Hung-Low.... Names n places were changed 2 protect the not so innocent. Especially me,can't have ur piller of the community showin it 4 all 2 c. Did i ever mention they call me ''DRAGON''. When i was younger i got caught draggin it from bed 2 bed. Thats a story 4 another time. Whers was i b4 that tangent stopped by. Oh yes weather report. Well my dogs conned me into keepin them in agin ,i open door 2 let out n they refuse 2 make eye contact. If eyes r closed,they can't c me so i can't c them. It has been nice days of late but bitterly cold. Besides my pets r all sucks. Made a big pot of chili n had Tanya n the kid's over had 2 leave by 8pm. though Doug was at Laughin Bears. She borrowed coffee but 4got so my grandkids came 4 late visit 2 pick up. Which is ok with me but it's a school night. Said they'd come back 2day after school 2 visit agin. Can't wait ,a movie night got 9 movies i got my bro 2 tape. The newest releases on movie channel. We watch Leauge Of Extrordinary Gentleman last night. Butterfly effect next ,3 movies/tape. Who needs sattellite when bro's got it n movie channel. Was gonna go on 1 of 3 mik maq chats,had all 3 open so i could jump from 1 to the other. Checked from 7-9pm my time n no 1 showed up. I think they're avoidin Oh well i had good company anyway. They'll always come first. Pebbles u been e-mailin 4 awhile,have u ever got a request from an address u know even family. I got 1 last night from my nephew everything right even his name n addy except 4 bebo link. Subject said- updating my address book goto - When my niece said she was my aunt i got suspicious. I got 1 from her earlier in week. And if any1 else readin this,could u comment. Thanx. I'm off 2 watch Butterfly Effect catch yall tomorrow.......later


Anonymous Anonymous said...

se equivoca amigo, no tiene razon

8:39 PM  
Blogger rysolag said...


--- ---

You are invited to join is anyone else reading this). There are dozens of color themes to choose from at the bottom of the home page. You will get lots of comments on your blog because they're all grouped.

We like chocolate too(and ice cream)!

8:40 PM  

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