Thursday, February 17, 2005

''HUMP DAY + 1'',

Well got a few things added 2 my blog. When ur flyin blind like i was ,never had done this b4. I think i did pretty damn good,even though i say so myself. ''As he puts shoulder back in socket from patting his-self on the back''. Woke up 2 a bit of snow then it started 2 really come down. I b shovelin snow come morn. But the sun peeked out n stayed out. The storm was over,i don't mind 1 little bit. Should go c brudder 4 sure tomorrow. If any thing was wrong ,he would'nt say. He named after our dad, i can c my dad in him now. Well i seen it long ago he stubburn ,gets on ur nerves,grumpy 4 no reason, n other traits 2 numerous 2 mentionm. I don't know why he's not more like me................HEY.......guess what he is. Were both just like our dad. That has it's good points, i must say. I should try n get on chat 2night n converse with all my new found family.. Im on 2 american chats n 3 mik-maq chats. Theirs only 3 i talk on so i should let others go. But i post on all anyway even the 2 i never talk on. I may have said this but i finall;y got back on Nativeamericanchat ,i even tried linkin off of cherokeeshe but no go. I had up-graded my msn n i yhink that was the prob. Had a lots of new options i liked but. I told my buddy about it n he down loaded it. He got hi speed n he good with comps. But he told me the other night it screwed up his system he got 3-4 comps runnin n it slowed every thing I was wonderin why i could'nt send him a nudge. On I.M. u can send a nudge 2 get the persons attention. on mine a little sound went off n my screen jumped. Hence the nudge ,i guess. Any1 know 4 sure out thar. I peeked at my dogs n they saw me so gotta lettum in. My big brave gaurd dogs can't stand a little inclement weather. I wonder who's fault that is Their my sucky children now n their not gonna let me 4get.......well....later ppl.............''HEY MY BLOGS BURNNIN'' oh say can u c.


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