Monday, February 14, 2005

''ICE AS FAR AS THE EYE CAN SEE''-ice storm hit somtime last night.

Woke up 2 a icy surprise,heard it was comin from the states. What did we do 2 u guys. Oh well a reprieve from snow 4 a bit. Slept in till 8:30 am. don't usually do that. I wonder if surfin till 3:00am. n workin on my web page. Im gettin the hang of html sort of, but i need a cheater page 2 look at. Wonder if they got free cyber books, i'd need HTML For Dummies. Went on Aboriginal Native Chat 4 a while last night only 4 ppl countin me. Not a very good turn out. Oh i always have Cherokeeshe, there's always a few more ppl . Had 18 ppl 1 night with ppl comin n goin. Let my Tripod out [Snoopy] out first this morn. He ran out the door like alway's ,but this time there's ice. Poor dog slid across the deck n down the stairs. After i quit bustin a gut ,made sure he was'nt hurt. How would he get around with 2 legs. Mayb i should start planin 4 that eventuality. A 2 wheel contraption for his chest area 2 get him mobile. Providin it's his front leg he looses. My grandson's were comin 2 visit agin 2day. Said i'd bake chicken 4 Dougie n Kirk. Cooked them Speggetti last night. And their comin back tomorrow,what will i cook 4 them. Wished i would'ev got weiner's 2day,i know they like scone dogs,bannock dogs or whatever other tribes call them.
Shaug-nosh call them pigs in a blanket. Those kids make my day every time they come visit. Wish i could c my other grand-kids. They go 2 school in town so i always look 4 them. But the sisters had probs,which should'nt have happened. Oh well what can u do. My Kirk is the spittin image of my late son Telford Jr. No matter how hard he tries he just gets himself in trouble. He's always gettin grounded but not 4 long cause mom relents n lets him go. She's a good mom those kids will never do with out. They got every game system out n loads of games. Mayb i should invest in Playstation 2 for when the kids come visitin. I need 2 practice their always askin me 2 play. Brady uses the controlers backwards but thats the way he learned n he's good. He could whip PaPa's ass at any game that boy. Hope him n Kerri come by 4 visit. Better check out chat n go 2 bed. Looked out n it's snowin not much nuff 2 cover ice not so treacherous then. But ain't goin out 2 c,i'll send Snoopy 2 check on ice


Blogger Pebbles said...

Hey Teddy we should meet up and chat sometime. I dont know of any Native chat rooms so maybe you can point me in the direction of some.

1:01 PM  

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