Tuesday, February 15, 2005

''MAKIN LIKE A WEB-MASTER WANNA B 2DAY''where did the day go.

It snowed all of 1/2'' yesterday,im not complainin. I was expectin a storm. Like they say ppl should watch what they wish 4. I just want a coupla 3'' of white stuff 2 cover the mud. Want the ground 2 freeze up 2 much mud when it thaws. There's just no pleasin me.lol. Got a few things added 2 my blog but need some fine tuning . Just 2 make it neater lookin. Tomorrow i'll attempt 2 make a fav list of blogs n a list of nish blogs i frequant. http://www.deadguylives.blogspot.com/ is 1 that kept me busy 2day. I like his cartoons. Once i've been 2 his blog enuff mayb i'll ask him 2 make a cartoon with me as a charactor. He did 1 for My Karma Ran Over Your Dogma. There was books i wanted 2 get 1time that used whatever names u sent in 4 the charactors. I have 8 grand-kids that i know of anyway plus the parents . I prob needed 2 books. I'll have 2 c if i can find it agin. Put my mutts out 2day nice n mild out. Their just sucks anyway . They came with me next door 2 George's ,damn near knocked me over tryin 2 beat me inside. The other on my way 2 George's, Sparky ran past me full tilt n brushed against me in passin ,damn near wiped me out that time. And other times he'll run straight at me full speed n hit the brakes b4 he hits me. Im just waitin 4 the day he miss judges the distance. I'll b forced 2 give him the Atomic drop all 90 lbs. of him,mayb i'll just throw him down. He must b ok i don't hear his let me in damn it bark. There's a storm comin should hit in the morn somtime. Weather 4 area say's snow showers but they been known 3 b wrong. Well i got back on Nativeamericanchatfriends2 hav'nt been on since b4 x-mas. I was on had 2 do somthin when i looked back they wee gone. Got hacked. Check them out tomorrow as well as cherokeeshe. Missed then 2night. I was on my recliner watchin a movie withmy eyes closed. It's ok i got re-wind. Well better go out n check on my dogs........later


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