Saturday, February 19, 2005

''TIS SAARDAY''is this hump day 4 week-ends?

While were on the subject of humpin,im still workin on my pron site. Once it's up n runnin i'll have 2 do it all. Producer,director,gruntin engineer,muff inspecter n do all the actin. At least till i can afford some actors. No women of ill repute around here,well,porno actresses i mean. Lots of women of ill repute. I've ill reputed a few in my day.Those stories r on my xxx-rated blog. Where was i ,oh yes my movie makin carreer. On second thought better give up on this plan 2. It might turn out like our house of ill repute[cops were already callin my home a bawdy house]. Only bawdies around here were drunkin bawdies. Well anyway back 2 our whore-house story. I was main boss[my house] in our attempt at sellin sex. I had 2 partners but not 4 long. After i asked them if they could take things in hand till we could afford some women. Bein as i was the head-cheeze n could'nt b expected to do it. And thats why u should stay in school so u don't have 2 try diff ''not so legal ways'' 2 make money. Good thing we nish have sence of humor. My 2 almost parners a gone now died back in the 70's no the late 60's for 1 n early 70's for the other. I miss them yet n i guess i always will. They were 20 n i was 16,but they treated me as an equal. I often wonder how my life would have turned out if they had;nt died. The 1 still survivin asked me to moved 2 Brampton in 1970. I wish i had mayb i could have prevented his death. Got thrown out of van in accident n the van rolled over him. I dropped everything n put life on hold till after their funerals. Mayb thats why i don;t break down no more. Even when i buried my son,i never really broke down. But that day will come. I got his pic hangin over my bed. Jeeze it'll b 10 yrs. this July 8th. That was some b-day presant that time. He got killed 3 days after my b-day. I went 2 the bar with him that April when he turned 19. Had a drunkin good time. I guess thats why July is just another day nothin special. Well lets change gears here, i got a few links added 2 my blog n more stuff 2 add. Im gonna fill every bit of empty space n no not in my head. It will b easier 4 me to take out if to much after i c where she sits. There is a met thud 2 my madnice. I'll say it cause ur thinkin it. Opp's ,crap,how'd i do this. Im just gonna finish this post. Don't wanna push wrong button n delete it all. I added that I back their n it went on big. Better fini here b4 summpin else happens. Some1 let me know what i did here n how 2 undo this font 4 next time. I guarantee there will b. I just fini m re-boot....later..Teddy


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