Friday, February 18, 2005

''DAMN IT ANYWAY ,PAY DAY 4 ALL BUT ME''sniff,sniff.

And how is every other blogger n their mother up this early doin. I usually ,used 2 get up this early n earlier but don'nt anymore. I better get off my a55 n stert gittin up early agin. The sun will start comin up sooner. N b4 u know it our last snow the 2nd. week ij June will b here. Got telephoneman comin 2 fix my lines. Itsa pain when only jacks work r in bedroom. Where my comp is so whats the diff u ask. I don't have an easy answer 4 dat. I spend quit a bit of time in the bedroom....................ALONE. ha,ha,. ''As he kicks 3 dogs ,2 cats, old shoes n laundry out of his way''. I left my bedroom door open by accident when i went 2 watch telly. Got up 2 c if my download was fini. I could'nt c my bed 4 fur,my furbby's all 5 a them were on my bed. Time 2 let them out. U ever c a dog crossin his legs n goin from 1 foot 2 de udder. Good thing Snoopy still got his 2 back legs so he can do that. Mayb not cross but they do the prancin around,when they gotta go.........fini ...later........''CURSES'' he say's , went 2 watch breakfast television and MIKa's up the stump,so is Nalini, i suspect Jennifer is 2, n 2 make things worse Liza's weddin day is fast approachin. I get right on findin e-cards 2 send. Have 2 tell them that the year of the rooster''COCK'' is the cause of their plight. But not 2 fear because Teddy is here. Have i got a plan 4 them poor girls. They need'nt worry bout baby names cause Teddy Makwa the 3rd.,4th.,5th.,6th.,7th...etc. r good names. I and Junior started it off as 1st.,2nd., I can c it now the start of my Dynasty. I'll send the card anyway flockem if they can't take a joke. Im a ramblin man met alot of girls.mmmm.mmm do i sound like Rickey he drawls...thaaank ya...thaaank ya veeery much..........Runnin Bear thru the forest....dodgin bullets from tree 2 tree........mmm.....mmmm .where he met little white dove...mmmmm......mmmmm...mmm.......her little heart was beatin fster......Well gotta go.


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