Friday, February 18, 2005


Just thought i'd jump back on agin,b4 the pride wears off. My daughter just phoned about an hour ago with good news. My grand sons Doug n Kirk were in a cross country competition 2day. Doug came in 1st. out of 70, and Kirk came in 10th., out of 69. They were'nt even home when their coach phoned. The way she sounded they knew but were tryin 2 skip. Bet their glad they went now. I guess they got yelled at by the coach but it was deserved. They have 2 realize not every1 would spend the time n money on them. Which she doe's, theirs no way we could put together the kind of money 4 equipment. She see's somthing in them or else she would'nt b here. I think this the 3rd. year and they only been gettin better n better. This not just PaPa talkin i've seen the news paper clips. Cross country in winter n mountain bike competions in the summer. They also have a damn good baseball team Doug,Kirk n Kerri on separate teams. They take on near by non-native teams n i was a bit surprised that u can still c prejudice in kids teams. Not from the kids but coaches n parents. Not all mind u but some. It was a women R.C.M.P. constable that picked them up, Oh, Oh, j,k those days r behind me. She'll b pickin them up next week-end 4 a meet in Kitchener or Barrie,Orillia area. Another of my old stomppin grounds. And i'll back on here braggin agin. Even if they don't come in near the top ,their gainin experience. Somthing i wish i would of got,i better quit tryin 2 horn in on their ppl.


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