Friday, March 04, 2005

''ANOTHER FRIDAY''-what now.

Damn when ur unemployed the weekend is'nt that special. At least when u workin u look forward 2 the weekend. Ok i lied ,im a workaholic i could work 7 days a week n often did. Wish i'd have known he was gonna kick our co-op out. I would have made plans 4 it. There's no chance in hell of startin back up,unless i or other directors win a lottery. That flockin paranoid pot-head n those 2 ass-holes that kept him smoked up n filled his head with shit. I hear he wants 2 take us 2 court. Bring it on a-hole you n ur cronies will end up with nothin. Even our membership miss our co-op now. They gettin peanuts 4 their fish now. Thats why they should have been more involved. Instead of bitchin at the restaurant all the time. We have 2 have a membership meeting n tell them there's no chance in hell of continuin. Damn this would have been our year. Our plan was, we would have been spendin our own money about now. Come spring we would have had nuff money in bank 2 operate. Without havin 2 dip into our over-draft. Oh well we gave it our best but we had bush-wackers in our group. Rumours been flyin since this first happened. Thats why we have 2 meet with members n give our side of story. I've been speakin with the odd member of n on when they quiz me. Were havin a get together with BOD's tomorrow a plannin session. Ok thats nuff 4 now b4 i get all worked report tomorrow night.


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