Wednesday, February 23, 2005

''HUMP-DAY AGIN''geeze where did week go/

Missed the ''DAYTONA 500'' Sunday did'nt even know the season was startin. After workin on blog all day i watched news. And what do i hear that damn cry-baby Jeff Gordon won. What a piss off n there was a bad lookin accident,looked like Elliot Sadler,not sure. Went to c my bro. on the off chance he taped the race. Cause they replay onWed. but he taped Sun. I could have watched the race by now. I'll still enjoy it even though i know who won. So my day is planned for 41/2 hours or so tomorrow. . Must watch pre-race show. Dale Earnhardt jr.,Micheal Waltrip n Rusty Wallace r my fav's. Then any of the older drivers. I started watchin Nascar in the 90's when my bro got C-Band satellite dish. He had a board that gave him everything avalable 4 free. Did some1 say He got about 6-7 porn channels n all the pay/views,movies n specials. The early 90's were good times 4 free bees. Well gotta cut it short ppl here....later......


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