Friday, February 25, 2005

''FRIDAY''...not much goin on.

Still hav'nt had time 2 watch the Daytona 500,good thing it's on tape. Waited around 4 my bro-inlaw,supposed 2 help me with comp. Wasted a day waitin 4 him when i coulda wasted it on somthin constructive. Like my blog,there's lots of space yet 2 b used up. Im not sure if i can go back 2 old posts n add links here n there. Not like e-mail or instant messagin where if u put a www. it will put as a link. I have 2 down-load a couple of programs 4 when i get dvd burner. Imagine 1 touch copyin instead of all the little things u gotta do now. Especially with that copy gaurd. I got all these jokes from my message boards i'd like 2 share. Have 2 figure out a way of makin A Place 2 Link 2. All this thinkin ooooh my head,hav'nt had 2 do this much thinkin since i had 2 come up with a air tight alibi. But that 2 is 4 anudder time.I could tell ya now but then i'd have 2 kill Mayb i watch a few laps of the race b4 bed. Well it tryin 2 snow agin ,mayb 3'' prob be all we get . I hope. Was talkin 2 my daughter n got the latest juice around town. And here i sit n no where 2 spread it.......just kiddin. I'll leave that up 2 my My doggies a out there tryin 2 sound pitiful,i'll just ignore them. Yah right,i bring in later ,must b hungary n thirsty. Water don't take long 2 freeze these days. But i still don't think we'll have freeze up. Wow 10:42 better feed my dogs ,i still got calls 2 make. We shall c u tomorrow.......later.


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