Thursday, March 03, 2005

''MIGHT B A LITTLE WORSE 4 WEAR''-but my plumbin is OK, WINK,WINK.

Well they came this morn n installed,topa the line ''MOEN'' fixtures [the cadillac of fixtures] new bath n kitchen fixtures. Gaurenteed 4 life or so they claim,but theres always some sort of clause 2 get out of it. Sound like i don't trust non-native. Well just compare the size of our REZ landbase 2 our original terretory[accordin to government]. Our territory streched well in to the USA cause there was no border. So we should have dual citizenship ,but oh no. Why u think they stuck us on these little parcils of land n gave the white man all the good land. And 2 this day they still tryin 2 find a way 2 take it. Years ago they used 2 move survey stakes just 2 get a few more feet of land. Thats why we need a new Chief 1 thats not scared 2 rock the boat. They can shove status quo,up where the sun don't shine. We need a chief in there with some big ''BALLS''. Chief now is been in 2 long and im not the only 1 that says that. He's book smart but u need more than that u gotta know when 2 shove back. They've gotten away with 2 much over the years. Just pay us the $90,000,000,000.00 for the land claim settlement n well look after ourselves. We'll i hope there's a big shake up in the council this election. Election only 4 months away. I hope Pete gets in,he'll keep them on there toe's. He's got my vote,i told him that this mornin. Well im gettin kinda worked up here better jump on chat n converse with my family of many nations. Ppl from all over ''TURTLE ISLAND'',im glad i found that room. Im startin to feel like their my family. Oh course never take place of my ppl..come on Pebbles n others join me in Cherokeeshe and chat friends. Aboriginal native chat n Nativeamericanchatfriends2 im in also. But i seem to find more peeps in Cherokeeshe. I'll keep lookin in Nativeamerican till i catch ppl there. I was on there b4 they got hacked n deleted. Took me awhile 2 get back in MSN 4 some reason would'nt let me in. Well MSN been screwy for awhile. Well ppl im of 2 chat........later


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