Tuesday, March 01, 2005


First day of March only 20 more days till spring. I got plowed out 2day, thought my plowman 4got me. Used his tractor, truck is bein fixed. Good man that Scotty doe's a nice job n u don't have 2 call him. Cause i on list,no,no, not the old Indian list. U peeps remember the Indian List. Im 1/2 way tru the Auto 500 good race so far. Who needs hockey when u got Nascar. Wish i could afford my satellite then i could watch the Busch races 2. Oh well what can u do other than sit back n bitch. So here i go,just kiddin. Flock em thats it for hockey no more ,unlesss they pay me than i'll watch. Those greedy Bastards both the owners n the players. Christ sakes their all millionare's most of them. Applied to a new chat room get rid of 2 of my mic maq chat rooms ,their pretty quiet anyhow. Still leave me with 4 rooms plenty 2 keep me occupied. Plus instant messagein n my blog. Jeeze i hav'nt done anything more 2 my blog in days. I better start back up,b4 i 4get what little html i learned. My sometimers is kickin in more n more. What was i talkin bout,c what i mean.lol. No need 2 worry bout that im still the sharpest knife in the drawer. Still snowin damn im runnin out of room for scotty 2 push snow. Gonna cost me 2 get back-hoe in here 2 push banks back. Hey im on public works commitee.that should b a perk,for doin my public service. Do i sound like a politition now. That $30.00 per dium comes in handy,when i run out of weed. J K,,i gave that up a couple years ago 2,so i guess i'll apply 4 my MONK-hood or whatever they call it. Time 2 jump on chat n c who's boffin who,oh thats my xxx blog. Some lively discussions on chat some nights. If i hear any juice i'll fill u in later..............adios...........


Blogger Pebbles said...

I got truck, tractor, snow plow, motorcycle, one wheel circus bike and you name it license lol!

Having DSL has made me forget that not everyone has fast internet. I feel so bad. I wish everyone had DSL. I know you said once they dont offer it where you live. I hope one they do. I knew a lady once who live in the middle of nowhere in the south and had to use her librarys internet. When the library closed at the end of the day she was without internet so she had to hurry and do all her surfing while the library was open. I felt bad for her. =(

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