Saturday, February 26, 2005

''HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA''-changed 2 movie.

Still tryin 2 finish Daytona 500,only 400 more miles 2 go. Did'nt do much 2day a little this n alittle of that. Sweep here mop theren then what now. Go play with Sparky n c if i can freeze my lungs. I can really breath in more cold air now that i don't smoke. It was year in Jan. 1st week. Woke up 1 night a could'nt catch breath,like that all night. Went hosp. next morn DR. said b like that 24/7 if i keep smokin. So he scared the ''BEJEESUS'' outta me n i quit then n there. Oh i lied i had 2 ciggy's left at home so i fini. Koffed my lungs out fini those last 2 cigs. Mayb that helped 2,so damn it quit smokin b4 u get as bad as i did. I really enjoy breathin now. Don't go out side early in the morn n choke on first breath of freash air. So if u don't quit this is what u got 2 look forward 2. Well thats my sermon 4 the day,''HEED MY WARNING OR PAY THE PRICE'' Mayb u'll have better luck findin all that money u saved by not smokin. Im still They say put all money u would've spent on smokes in a bank. 52 weeks x avg. 40.00[rez price]=2,080.00. Think some1 stole my savings cause i ain't seen it n add 2 that the money i saved not buyin booze 4 two years. Boy am i ever bein robbed. They got Hockey night in Canada replaced by Movie night in Canada. And they got Ron Mclean announcin b4, after n between the periods between the 3 movies. No good movies so much 4 movie night. Well gotta go chat n catch up on gossip instead which is better. My son phoned which made my day,been awhile since he phoned. I was startin 2 think they were on lock-down. Thats what happened b4.. So c u later peeps......


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