Sunday, February 27, 2005

''RACE DAY NASCAR''-Auto Club 500

Another Sunday is almost done. Damn time is goin by 2 fast. I noticed that after i turned 25 the years seemed 2 fly by. Seems like only yesterday i moved home 2 look after my kids. Don't know where i'd b,wether i'd still b in Orilla. Or mayb i would've moved back 2 Toronto. Mayb i would b workin at Rama Casino. I left there [Orilla] in 1991 n casino opened in 1995. Lotta ppl from here got jobs there,some stuck it out some got let go. Because lots of them did'nt have anykind of work ethic. I know a few that moved on to Casino Niagara n Cruise ships. It's 2 late 4 me a job at casino,i'd sooner b a customer. Just 1 thing holdin me back,gainful employment. My brother in-law offerd 2 try 4 a bank loan 2 start my ''Net Making,Repair n Salvage'' business. So i got 2 shave down from the $35,000.00 in stock n material i was wantin 2 start with. Do that tomorrow,so my day is planned. He's already in hock 2 bank 4 a car n truck. So it may b a waste of time but then agin mayb not. Nothing ventured nothin gained is'nt that what thay say. Whoever the hell they Thats the way i'd go,he wanted me to price a boat, motor,nets ,everything i'd need 2 start fishin. A rough guesstimate would b 10-12 grand. I could buy a lot of material 2 make nets with that money. Nuff 2 buy ready made nets 2 start generatin money right away. I could partner with the tug owner i used 2 work for n spot him some nets for a cut of the profits. I'd need to generate cash right away 2 put back in 4 material. After a couplea months i could have nuff 2 put up a small work shed. Gotta start some where,so i start smaller than i wanted 2. At least now i may c my dream, or at least a light at the end of the tunnel. Well finished watchin Daytona 500 only took a week,still a good race even if i new that cry baby[Jeff Gordon] won. Now i got the Auto Club 500 2 watch,hopefully fini that tomorrow while im workin on bussiness plan re-vision. Well jump on chat so i can wish 1 of managers happy b-day. Posted a wish already but a live wish is better. Catch ya tomorrow.........bob bye


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