Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Another nice day but a bit cold. Still tryin 2 snow,last gasp of winter only 26 or so more days till spring. And the last snow fall in 2nd week June. Then it's over no mo sno,then u c all the garbage u accumilated over winter. In my case it will b bones,at least 2 wheelbarrow's full. The neighbours spoil my Snoopy but the bones he brings home he don't share. Only when i bring him in n let other dogs run loose. Do they get a his bones ,he watches fron the window. He so stingy he reminds me of my cousin. The boys left about 5am to go ski in Barrie area. They have a relay race than a regular race. I hope their ok if they don'nt do good every time. They have small team ,number wise ,but they do good 4 bein outnumbered. They know the area same place they have the mountain bike meets. Well do abit more on my blog 2day,still hav'in prob placin my calender. I found 1 but can't put it in right place . When i paste it 2 an editor n hit view it shows up. Soon as i paste 2 my blog i c it but it blanks out all under neath. My google adds,Nish links n other links. I pasted my testiculator results 2 blog only 28% evil n 72% good. My REZ's web site got a 2% evil could have sworn it was more last night. They must have been born agin since last night. MMMMMMMMMMMM.....my daughter brought me some home made head cheeze was it ever good,u could still c bits of brain n eyeball.mmmmmmmm agin. Just foolin she uses pork hocks, And the corn soup will b good for lunch tomorrow. Im gonna cook up some fried battered White fish, we'll have fish strips n balls. It was fish i brought home thars no good for sale or smokin. He was just gonna throw it in garbage. Not a thing wrong with except there just pieces n chunks. Good 4 makin fish cakes 2. Boys r comin 4 supper 2 so i'll heat up last nights speggetti sauce n their moms bringin the speggetti. Hopes thats nuff their growin boys, fish n pasta will stick 2 their ribs. I figured out how 2 make links on blog. Now i want 2 figure out how 2 make a link from 1 word on blog. Im learnin bit by bit i guess theirs editors out there that will do it all. But i'd rather learn right from scratch. I applied for web space on k-net ,just waitin 4 e-mail lettin me know when i get it. Its free 2 native's as long as u use the e-mail regular they'll keep u on if not then u loose e-mail n web space regular. I got 1 on geocities [a web page] but when i try to do more 2 it. I get turn down its free mayb thats all u get is 1 page . I'll try agin tomorrow cause im sure i had it runnin 1 day. Mayb i dreamt it ,speakin of dreams i don't usually dream . But the other night i woke myself up by yellin. I was yellin at that bear that attacked me. I never woke up with heart racin or scared like some dreams ppl have. But got Snoopy n Sparky all in a tizzy,mayb thats why they follow me around. I'll burn some cedar on the stove,somthin my aunt told me 2 do since i did;nt have sweet grass. Wish she was still with us. Mayb some1 tryin 2 ''shki-kii ''. I have that plant that shines at night i never got around to hangin up. I better do somthin tomorrow. Mayb i dream n not remember. I think the human condition needs dreamin of some sort . I heard that 1 time. mayb Dr. Phil,Maury or Oprah mayb Jerry Springer. My daughter is inti those shows. I used 2 watch 1 one tome. But it always the a loud U R NOT THE FATHER, then the mom go's runnin off. After swearin she was'nt with any1 else. Geeze 1 women was on their everyday of week must have been best of Maury. After brakfast tv is over Maury starts think she tried 5-6 times 2 find kids daddy. Every time she 100% sure he the daddy. So u c why i said hell with this crocka ship. I got my buddy lookin 4 pics 2 put on Flicker got a couple i got from Rez web add 4 our park. Since we the ppl own our Rez as a whole we all own own the Rez lock stock n barrel. So no prob usin the pics. Went 2 bed at 11-12 the other night n woke up late,went 2 bed at 3:30 this morn n woke uo at 6:00. That mean we is gettin mature. Should'nt i b havin a mid life crisis about now. Get my self muscle car or somthin us young guys live 4. My first car was a 67 Valiant [remember push button shift] it cost me 2 bottles of wine n a pack of smokes. Just call me Philbert,is'nt that the nish's name Gary Farmer played on ''POW-WOW HIGHWAY'' My first war pony,it was just a Rez car. I was ridin around with the boot-legger so he fronted me the wine,till later. So that means the car never cost me anything. He was goin with my sis anyway. Poor guy he got jumped n beat up,n they laid him on rail-road tracks n a train cut his legs off. Never did find those bastards. This was back in the 70's so cops did'nt try very hard 2 find who did it. And it still the same 2day. That white guy that killed the other white guy in town ,i bet he never did the time he should have. I heard his parents r pillers of the community,so thats lop-sides right there. Piller's of the community just like me. Well nuff blowin my own horn,jump on chat 4 awhile. Just till 2-3am.lol..........later.......ppl.........R u practicin ur truck drivin Pebbles,2 weeks is'nt it . The day u 2 can help add 2 the green house gasses.lol It's our governments that r the blame 4 green house gas. There's a big hole in the ozone above Washington n Ottawa,because of all the gas expelled. Thats tru cause i read it in 1 of da most trusted newspapers in north america. The National Enquirer. Is'nt that the next best thing 2 the bible. N if any1 takes offence to my comments u 2 can go forth and multiply. Mayb i just go 2 bed n count bears attackin me. I'll catch yall tomorrow. Remind me to tell u about our attempt at a house of i'll repute.Good-night ngood news...........Get outta da John boy.


Blogger Pebbles said...

I sure am! Soon your gonna see me driving by in a big semi. I'll blow the horn so you know its me lol.

7:19 PM  
Blogger Pebbles said...

Me again... Just helping you out. Where you have Mick linked the code is broken. Where it says target add " before target. =)

10:30 PM  

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