Sunday, March 06, 2005

''RATZA FRATZ NO NASCAR''mayb get bro 2 tape Busch race.

No Nascar how will i get thru Sunday. Movies i guess it will b movie day. I have 8-9 to get thru,3 movies/tape, should keep occupied for a few days. I'll get my bro 2 tape the Inaugarel Busch Race in Mexico. First ever stockcar race in Mexico i think. History in the makin,but the cost of movin everything 2 another country. Guess thats why they don't have that year end race in Japan,they used 2 have a few years ago. Not muchhappenin 2day. Mild gloomy day snow meltin so im gettin mud n drive way floodin a bit. Had a big ice rink on driveway near road. Still havin probs with MSN can't get into mail agin. Don't send mail to in-box. Can't change cause all my chat rooms in MSN,so got me over barrel. I could try yahoo chat i guess. Thats what ill do, join a yahoo chat[native only] i prefer. Think my bloggin bud in yahoo chat. Some of msn chat buds there 2. Well i know what im doin tomorrow. Checkin out Nativeamericanchatfriends at 8pm, Aboriginalchat at 9pm and Cherokeeshe is set 4 11 pm roughly anyway. Never plan never works out right ETA is always good,''INDIAN TIME ''even better. Time 2 go burn up cyber space with my 2 finger typin.............later.............peeps.


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