Saturday, March 05, 2005

''A SNOW-BALLS CHANCE''our co-op is dead.

Had a meetin with as many board members as we could get 2gether. Brain stormin tryin fig out way 2 continue. But without that $100,000.00 we had 2 send back ,there is just no way. Can't afford to re-equip another buildin,why should we when we own that big addition. Cause the guy that kicked us out runs hydro n water through his system to our buildin. So he could cut water n power off 4 spite. N i would'nt put it past him. Since there's rumours he thinkin of takin us to court. So just have 2 wait n c how many members come 2 the membership meeting were callin. They never came when we were runnin so i don't know. It won't b 4 a couplea weeks at least. In the mean time i'll buy lotto tics,u just never know. Then i'll buy the land he's leasin then ,i'll boot him. Even if i did win lotto im not like that. There r better places to build shop,not nuff room there 4 expansion. Well i guess i'll jump on chat always makes me calm n happy. Talkin 2 Zilla,Chershe,Fire,Cattey n every1 else that drops by,had 20+ last night.............later peeps.


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