Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Twas a bright n mild day,a dog day afternoon 4 my dogs anyway. Their looking a little anorexic these days cause they loosin their winter coats. Snoopy short stiff hair so he looks same. Telve more days of freedom 4 Snoopy then i'll have 2 tie him up. Or he might get shot. Their gonna try rid this Rez of all loose dogs 50-60 iz my guess thats not even countin the wild 1'z. They hang mostly at landfill. Ppl been shootin them 4 years ,just imagine if they did;nt . Our pets would b out#d by feral dogs,got that woid from Mad Max member the Feral Boy. That had better include our politico's and band employee's dogs 2. Their was a hell of an uproar 1 time when a councillor's dog got nabbed by the dog catcher. Some very bright person had idea 2 sent flyer out givin date dog catcher would b around. So dogs were tied up till after that date. I always tied my dogs up cept lately 4 Snoopy but he's harmless,every 1 knows him. Sumtimes he 2 friendly but he does'nt follow ppl 2 far. He lays by the road gaurdin his turf. Races cars, he runs along ditch line,makes ppl laugh. Especially when he trips he is a bit clumzy but he can motor on 3 legs. Well nuff braggin bout my furry kids ,go check out chat i guess........later..peeps.


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