Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Did'nt get 2 much done 2day. Was to much wind ,still blowin 2wards the bush. Hope-fully it will shift tomorrow. Watched some of the Nascar Racc from Sunday my bro taped. Took Sparky for a walk or he took me for a drag more like it.lol. Got the cage or jail house for Snoopy out front near the road. It's either that or keep him in house. Im gonna havta go mid-night shoppin for material to build 3 new dog house's. I got a few things posted on the boards of the chat rooms im in. Got another friend on my HI 5,a girl from my Rez that makes 2 n the girl from NY state. Jazzy goin to theater school in ''THE BIG SMOKE'',Ann-Marie workin in a Casino in New York state[Niagara Falls] .Their from my home. And Pebbles my bloggin bud n blog fixer upper from New York. This bloggin i've met Nish from all over. Which was the plan when i first started this blog. But can't b reverse prejudiced can i. I was never prejudiced anyway. I got to meet lots of nationalities workin from the age of 17-18 off Rez. Which was good for me. I was 17-18 at the time when i met diff peoples. Mayb that was why im so tolerant compared to some of them here on the Rez. I found a post on another blog i think i'll post here to. I asked permission first even though it seemed ok from the comments. But it's some1 elses thoughts n belongs to that person. When i read it ,i really thought about what it said. I always thought our ppl were non-violent till there was no other way. Well i'll let u read it n get your own views.....later...ppl.


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