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Ahenakew & Nelson
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I want to give a big thanks to Darcey for allowing me to post my pablum on his site. I miss blogging but simply do not have the time. Big shout-outs to Kate at SDA, The London Fog team, Hack at Hacks and Wonks and all the others who used to link and comment on my old site. I’ll try to post here weekly at the very least.

Take a bow, Darcey

It looks like the radical left’s investment in the Aboriginal community is finally paying off. While aboriginal students across the country study the evil ways of Europeans, imbibing lefty saints like Foucault and Said, the Big Pimp Indians are laying the foundation of absurd logic and hatred that the left needs in place to perpetuate future generations of dissent. For anyone who has studied history, this should ring an ominous bell.

When the Soviet Empire was expanding across Africa and Latin America, their biggest targets were postcolonial countries. The reasons for this are obvious; after decades, or centuries, under the rule of others, such countries lacked the strength to embrace the freedom suddenly thrust upon them (a phenomenon that, ironically, many post-communist countries also faced after the Soviet system fell).

When these countries (who, according to their own histories, were strong, proud and had concrete cultural foundations that were unbreakable) dropped the colonial leash, they suddenly found themselves in a void - a void soon to be filled by animalistic radicals fresh from the jungles, so-called fighters-for-the-people who now found themselves swimming in pools of wealth and power, stroking beards and chomping cigars, already striking the poses soon to be seen on the walls of dorm rooms everywhere. The proud and strong national history they had fought and killed for was either forgotten, exploited to the point of parody, or, despite its strength and pride, unable to survive the initial foreign onslaught and spoken of in longing terms, like a high school crush.

The Soviets drooled over these bulbous masses of clay. Fitting their ideology to whatever esoteric local social structure they encountered, (A lack of a working class in your country? No worry, we’ll just replace the proletariat with peasants like Mao did, or argue that despite centuries of tribal hood, underneath the classless structure of tribes lies a latent class struggle that only we can see and will point out to you) the Soviets supported these radicals and, with gifts of money and military support, soon coerced them into embracing full-fledged communism. The fruit company that supports the entire country by providing employment for banana-pickers? Burn it down! Imperial dogs!

In short, the countries that just emerged from the ‘horrific’ yoke of European colonialism, where despite the often-brutal treatment they received, many were educated and made economically progressive, now found themselves enslaved to new masters whose notions of progress included collectivized farms that were guaranteed to lead to famine and death, censorship, farcical elections and general misery, albeit shared equally among all. Not that anyone cared. After all, communism was the answer they had been waiting for. As Uncle Joe himself might have said, to make banana bread you have to peel a few bananas.

Although the Soviet system described above thankfully collapsed, the fawning zealots that worshipped it are still going strong. Their choice of venue is now the university campus. Their new target, at least in Canada, is the Aboriginal community, the people whose increased enrolment in post-secondary education during the last 10 years - an otherwise joyous fact - has provided the radleft with a whole new mound of clay.

I have watched for years now as the agit-prop side of the Aboriginal Rights industry - the young men and women emerging from higher education and ostensibly working for ‘their people” - has become more and more radical, going from demanding fulfillment of treaties, basic equality and the occasional roadblock, to an indymedia-inspired view of their universe, where race-based ideas and delusional conspiracy theories dominate, where flirtation with violence and disobedience is encouraged and any and all suffering is no longer an individual experience with the possibility of relief via individual initiative, but a communistic misery shared by all “minorities” at the hands of Europeans, capitalists, Jews, Neocons et all.

The answer to this misery of course is simple - like Che Guevara says, revolution will occur whenever someone starts……….. a revolution. It’s implicit. All you need to do is man the barricades; the rest will follow as day follows night. Sadly, no one told Che that a better simile was that hoping for natural revolution to ignite the moment someone hurls the first brick through a Starbuck’s window is like hoping the ability to fly will follow after you push a man off a cliff.

Pick up books assigned to studies of native history, self-government or politics, and the radical bent is obvious. For all the lip service about how we have to turn to our elders and our traditions for guidance, it would appear that our elders include Noam Chomsky and our traditions include anarchy. We are supposed to be peace-loving people yet we study and believe theories espousing violent revolution, anarchy and reverse-racism. Go to sites like Friends of Grassy Narrows, Resist, Redwire or Winnipeg IndyMedia and you can see, for yourself, the radicalism that permeates the aboriginal community, at least among the activists. Even more tragic, few stop to wonder about this and can only resort to inane rebuttals about the oppression being so deterministic how can we do anything else but long for bloodshed and violence? It’s our only option.

Now, with people like David Ahenakew and Terry Nelson, who, despite being an illiterate criminal is still a ‘role model’ in the sense that he shows how horribly easy it is to become chief when you don’t let things like a lack of spelling skills and morals handcuff you, spurting their racist bile, the radical left sowing has produced its first sprout peeking out of the dirt.

Ahenakew is the most obvious product of such indoctrination: the Jews started WWII, they control the world, are a disease, they slaughter innocent Palestinians on their way to charity drives. He may as well be reading from The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, or, for that matter, an Eric Margolis column.

The Big Pimp Indians are, of course, silent. Phil Fontaine sends his condolences to Red Lake and makes a pit stop in Rome to see off the man who led the church that killed 1000s of his people over the centuries, but apparently he can’t be bothered to criticize a fellow Indian who spouts grotesque lies about people, many of whom - and I know this is true because I have known many Jews in my life - sympathize with the plight of Aboriginals. Then again, this is one of those strengths of the radleft that is almost magical - the ability to forget that Jews, above all others, have been oppressed and suffered more than any other group in history. Sorry, my fellow Indians, the Jews have about 2000 years of horror on us.

Need I also mention David Chartrand’s comments last summer, comparing a certain Conservative policymaker critical of the current Indian industry to Hitler, implying that we Indians are therefore like the Jews, the boxcars running to death camps idling and waiting for us in the North End CN yards should we vote for Stephen Harper?

Terry Nelson is, of course, Terry Nelson. The lowest of the low. A gutter-dwelling race-baiter and criminal. To the surprise of absolutely no one, he’s also illiterate. I mean, who knew Charles Adler was from Hungry? Adler has a bit of a belly but come on….

These are the people who lead us. These are our role models. Even scarier then this, is the fact that in ten years, a whole new generation of Indian radicals will be in charge, literate, yes, but bloated with postcolonial theories of victimhood and hatred, veterans of the internet’s more vile ports, the IndyMedia and Democratic Underground sewers where they hear nothing but approval for their beliefs, never challenged to logically defend their ideas, never asked to show proof, told that all their suffering and misery is the fault of others and the only responsibility they have is not to improve their lives and the lives of their people, but to point out the “threads” that lead to whatever sinister cabal is undermining them that week - whitey, mainstream media, Jews, INAC, etc.

What they don’t seem to realize is that they have traded one ‘oppressor’ for another. From under the heel of colonial Europeans they have emerged, only to be chained to the detritus left over from the Soviet era. The freedom they believe they have found in Said, Foucault, IndyMedia and various other radleft bastions of hate and ignorance, is merely the illusion erected by a malignant ideology that despite its fall from glory, still has the power to ensnare the insecure and wounded.

In reality, they are merely the latest tools of the radleft. Feminists had their turn, so did gays and lesbians; workers and peasants were the old-school OP’s (Original Puppets); Blacks, Hispanics and Arabs also have their radicals hiding behind Das Kapital; the handicapped, the obese, the ugly, the height/width/limb-ally challenged and whatever other special needs groups are out there have had, or will have, their moments. In the last decade, the radleft singled Aboriginals out as their next target.

And since the radleft’s agenda includes many of the inherent beliefs that already pollute my people - victimhood, projection, blamelessness - the appeal is great, if only for the fact that such an agenda validates the inherent beliefs and turns these negative principles, which should be overcome through logical debate, self-responsibility and pride, into a complete and seemingly impregnable aggregate of ‘absolute truth’, at least to the “reality-immersed’ section of society.

And like other various radleft systems, if the ignorance and hatred sucks a few innocent bystanders into its vortex - be they the kulaks and merchants of Russia, the eternal scapegoats of Israel, the reasonable voices of many stripes and colours demonized as fascists because they ask for footnotes to the hate-filled rants, to name but a few - so be it. In the name of the greater good, a million casualties is just a statistic.

Or, to again paraphrase Uncle Joe, to make bannock, one has to fry a little lard
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