Wednesday, April 13, 2005

''PUBLIC WORKS MEETING''lotsa questions.

Was a good day 4 brush burnin,not much wind. But 4got i had a committee meetin,have to do my civic duty. And that little per diem check comes in handy. Not much but at least im not broke now. Well tomorrow anyway after i pick up. Can buy some flour n bakin powder so i can make Bannock or Fry Bread. I still wanna try tortilla's soon as i get recipie or any flat bread for that matter. Had guy from water dept. stop by b4 i left 4 meetin. The stack 4 my water shut off got partially pulled out of ground and got bent. Can't get shut off wrench down bent pipe. But he got it fixed so i can shut water off to work on my plumbin. He gave me some info concernin our water treatment plant. Info we as a committee should have had no wonder the water dept. supervisor always has excuse why he can't make meetins. Water,Sanitation/ land fill,Cemetaries,Fire Dept.,Street lighting,Band owened Equipment,Roads Dept. it falls under our committee. Well anyway he showed me a list of deficiencies that we never knew about and a study done in 2001 outlinin more deficiencies in detail. It was very critical about the way our plant was operatin or not operatin. Our system not bein run right n if it is'nt u could very well poison ur own ppl. Slowly but still. Next meetin not till May but i think we need 1 sooner if it concerns our water. Their r auto alarms shut of because super said they were a nusance. Damn alarms r there for a reason. I don't think all our operators a certified to run our water plant. If u been takin the tests to up-grade for years n not passin. What the hell are ya doin still there. We had this system since 1991,just when i moved home. One worker there is a certified Millwright,he should be supervisor with his knowledge n experience. He's been here 10 years n would'nt allow him to write the tests to get class 1 which our super now does'nt have. Their's class 2 and 3 thats needed. If we don't do somthin to rectify this the Dept. of Indian Affairs will put some1 in place . That we do not need. We may as well go back to Indian Agent days if thats the case. I asked ,We;ll call him Tom if he had enough time to get class 1 n 2 b4 this time limit was up. He said he writes for his class 1 in May or June n he would be able to get class 2 and mayb 3 b4 time's up. If we don't get some1 in there that is certfied we could have our own Walkerton and i don't want that. I worry for my family n friends on this Rez. I just hope our Rez govt. does'nt know about this n ignorin it. Which is what im thinkin. Thats why i want Tom to take me through the operation. He can show me the way it supposed to run n show me the way it is bein run. Have to get another committee member to come along. He may be on water delivery tomorrow but i'll see when he;s free. Mayb this weekend. Well better hit the hay.........later ppl.....


Blogger darcey said...

Tortillas are good! Just a little hard to fold - get your self some refried beans and your on

3:12 AM  

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