Thursday, April 14, 2005


Well another wind day,better than a snow day. Knock on wood were not out of the woods yet. Never got a chance to meet with Tom about tourin the water treatment plant. But try for Fri. or Sat.,at least i hope he's workin this weekend. If not next week it has to be done. They got us on a boil water advisery,thats been a regular happenin lately. Don't know if it's from the Walkerton incident or not. There's nothin like lockin the gate after the cows are gone. Our plant been operation since 1991 n nothin has changed ,just the water level of the great lakes has dropped. But comin back slow. But i can't ever remember havin a boil water advisory. Up untill a couplea years ago when the Medical center started taken tests here n there. B4 this water system was put in i and my brother next door had our own system,maintained by our REZ. Then we were put on main line that feeds the 401 residents. Then the new water line along with fire hydrants which helped lower insurance rates. Cheaper if u got hydrant near by which we have n were 5 min. away fron fire hall. Back in the day when we first got our own fire truck 1974,i think. I was one of the first volunteer fire persons,since we had women on back then. Still today we have women on our dept. Better than the nearby town lookin after our fire protectin. And now they get a damn good per diem for attending fire calls n trainin,weekly n special. We sold 50-50 tickets or had draws to raise money for the dept. We never seen a dime of per diem . In fact we had practice every Wed. n we used to donate what we could towards our dept. How things have changed u have to pay your volunteer fire ppl so they;ll be here for any fire. All we need now is an ambulance our fire hall has an extra bay for one. When we call for ambulance the dispatcher is 250-300 mi. away. How do u give direction to some1 who does'nt know the area u live in. It was our provincial n federal governments great wisdom of cut backs n centrlizing everything why were in this mess 2day. But Thanx to the Wiarton Voluteer fire dept. for all their years of fire protection. Most of then our boys fought and played hockey in the bush league with the members. Most of them were from area farms n the rest from town. Although there are Indian haters among then for the most part we all got along. I guess my grand children will go through a version of what i and my dad went thru. But like i read somwhere what don't kill us will make us stronger. Well time for news,c ya's later.


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