Sunday, April 24, 2005

''STILL COMIN DOWN''at least the wind died down.

Wish i had a camera,looks nice out there. But as soon as it melts it's gonna be mud everywhere. 4'' total so far n it still snowin. Accordin to my weather forcast it gonna change to rain Tuesday. Mayb wind did'nt die down ,think it's just a lull. Report say's wind 37km/hr. still to windy for tugs. Im not sure if i miss that part of tug fishin the rock n rollin......side to side......front to back......quarter to quarter from 6 -18 hour a day. Who am i tryin to kid i miss it. But i found out i can't do it anymore. Just climbin up onto a chair to paint i twisted my knee n it was sore for 4-5 dsys. So whether i like it or not im done. Well better go and shove loff my deck n go do my brothers while im at it. Geeze im a good


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