Thursday, May 19, 2005


Well took a walk in the bush and no fungui to be had. i'll go out agin tomorrow ,just for excercize. I wish i new more about plant n whatever else can be eaten from the bush. Wish i had a roto tiller. I'd like to try my hand at plantin a garden been 3-4 years since i had a garden. It was in Mar a hamlet about 15 miles west of me. My daughter n her hubby bought his dads house there. Im gonna try upside down tomato plants ,u hang plants from a pail with hole cut out of bottom. Put plant thru hole n fill with dirt n u plant spices on top sage,basil n such. think i'll try green onions or somthin. And i wanna plant something for the hummingbirds n butterflys. They had a meeting on the new rules for housing. The eviction part got alota ppl in an up-roar. My bro went and it not as bad as it seems,they try make arrangements to lower payments. Thats the way things happen here ppl don't read the whole thing. I guess ther's not only selective hearin but selective lookin Thats why such noise about eviction. Joined a new native chat room week and a half ago. Some ppl from another room im in . Im in 5 again but there more active than the ones i quit. It only 2 weeks old and already ppl bitchin about it. It still tryin to find itself,the members are the ones to make or brake it. I told this one person ,if she don't like it all it takes is a push of a button ,prob solved. But the growing pains will last for awhile. I think it will be good once we get past that. Well Jay Leno time, Liza Kudrow is on hmmmmmmmm a real hottie.......later ppl.


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