Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Gotta borrow some gas somewhere so i can cut my grass. I don't think i can trust the gas that sat over winter. I can use to make napalm for fire starter,since i still have brush to burn. Think i'll take Sparky n Snoopy in the bush tomorrow 4 a walk. Mayb they can root around like the pigs they use to find truffles. Im afraid if they find morells they would mark the spot. I soak them over night in salt water to kill the extra proteen in morells. Im gonna look for nuff for another feed of Morells had one small feed already my daughter gave me. They took Bugs with them for bear protection. Speakin of bear my cuz found a baby cub in the bush. he had it at his place and the only one that could get close was his daughter.So thats where my grand-sons were the other day. She was able to pick him or her up so it must be small. Just hope the mother did'nt get shot,ya can get a grand or two for a whole bear. So i would'nt be surprized if thats what happened to mom. As for the cub there's a bear re-hab across the bay in Huntsville or Gravenhurst. They take in all types of wild animals not sure if there's one around here. Well how was ur day,not much went on 2day that i heard anyway. So catch ya later......


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