Friday, July 15, 2005


I noticed we hired a milk truck to deliver our water ,we have some water supplied to holding tanks where our water line don't reach.So we prob payin thru the nose for the truck. Council did'nt think about that when they fired the plant worker. Only one licences to drive truck. Well it be election day so we'll see. See who comes to give me a ride to the polls. Saw my bro go speedin by ,he gone to vote. I voted for new chief n i used 5 of the possible 9 votes i coulda used.Won't see results till tomorrow they changed they used to do right after elections after all these years they changed it they shoulda asked ppl first. It was a tradition for ppl to wait till the wee hours to find out who won. Why break with tradition i say. Damn it been hot as hell here goin on a week n 1/2 now or longer. Humid as hell to,just sit in front of fan n watch movies. Have to fresh water out for my dogs n wild birds. Birds r usin for bird bath but it ok ,i can change water no prob. My up-side down tomato plants r still alive . I have 3 pails grown Million tontoes their called. Like a cherry tomto so i hope it works so i can freeze some. I froze some 2 years ago n tasted like fresh tomats 2 years later. Well time to catch up on mail mayb jump into chat. I told them i had death in family so they don't think i deserted the


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