Friday, December 16, 2005


Hey-Yah came by to go to public works meeting. Had to park on the road drive way drifted in and the snow is heavy. I won't be doin no snow removal. Did'nt look like there was that much snow. Just as we were leaving my plow man drove right by..........was it somthing i said. Oh well,he be back.We had our public works moved to morning as council was cancelled. Which was to bad as i was lookin forward to council. I like joint council as well our sister Rez shows up. Meet and talk to some old high school buddies. Rosemary Black even just the name gets me hot. She was a hottie tight blouses,sweaters and the best Mini n Micro Mini skirts. I really enjoyed English class that year. We hung around the band office to see if councillor liason or other committee members would show up. So i went up to see the new biologist to kill time,Bill is a nice guy . I think he gonna work out,but still gonna seem strange without Andrew. He said he be back now and agin to help.......i think he likes us. I can get him to pick me up some electronic's you cant get up here. Providin he comes back to visit. I'll pay u when you get here. She seems like it wants to blow agin. I dont think i'd be goin to town or Owen Sound might not get home. We went to Sidney Bay Variety to have a coffee and the road was driftin in. Prob why they were closed. She gonna snow more tonight ,snow blowin around now be worse when it gets dark..................


Blogger darcey said...

Ted! How you doing buddy, hope all is well!

1:39 AM  
Anonymous Susan said...

Just read the paper UNDER SIEGE by David Mclaren .Very good points made with lots of sources to back it up .
Be very proud of this work.

12:45 PM  

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