Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Im gonna have to invest in a scanner. Well we got another one-

Community Notice
Re:- SNOW AND ICE STORM FEB.6,7,8,2006.
It has been brought to the attention of program supervisors and/or Chief & Council that there may be community members who feel they need to be given the opprotunity to discuss their experiences during the past storm with someone who may be able to assist them in dealing with there feelings around this event.

At this time Council is not planning a community debriefing.

Instead their gonna get counciling staff from Health Centre and Crisis Shelter to be available to people who want this service.

Don't get me wrong i don't see anything wrong with their offer,i agree some people need this to deal with this event. Like i said were not used to this in the middle of winter last time was 8-9 years ago it was only 1 1/2 -2 days. But i still believe their needs to be a community debriefing no matter if its so people can let off steam. You cant hide from this ,just look what happened to Vice Pres. Cheney
when he did'nt say anything about what happened in good time. The same thing is happening here people are jumping to conclusions,theirs enough of that already just from their administration. But i got FEELING THIS MAY BE MOSTLY FROM PEOPLE WHO DON'T ATTEND COUNCIL MEETINGS. I HAV'NT BEEN TO ONE ON OVER A MONTH BUT WHEN I WENT THERE WERE'NT TO MANY BAND MEMBERS PRESENT. [Damn caps lock im not gonna rewrite that either.] But thats not the problem at this time people not comin to meetings but even if a few come out to a community debriefing they'll get some good feed back. And maybe people won't be so angry with Chief & Council. I've been to a quite a few meetings its a learning process from what i can see so people need to come out more to meetings. I was one of those that used to sit at home and bitch about what was goin on till i joined a coupla committees and started attending council meetings. I had better attendance than some councillors was the joke there. So i myself hope they have a community meeting before the next crisis.


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