Monday, December 26, 2005


I must say that this was one of the best x-mas's,i've had in a long time. My oldest daughter invited me for x-mas way back in Oct. awhile ago anyway. I figured i may as well cause although they only live 1/2 hour away i never see her or the kids. And of course my son in-law. It being x-mas the sisters ran into each other in Wally Mart so they started talkin and made plans to go and wrap presents at the older ones place. They hav'nt talked for 2 years or more,you know how sisters can get. I've always felt i was stuck in the middle but anyway i never chose one over the other. At least the kids don't care if the moms ar'nt talkin.ha,ha,ha. Women not talkin,the end is near when that happens. Im just kiddin,
nothin worse than a women mad at you. I think gettin the silent treatment is worse than gettin yelled at. We had snow but it was mostly sleet n freezin rain which made drivin scary. We had no plans of goin anywhere anyway. While the gifts were bein wrapped i mentioned to my youngest girl ,why don't you have x-mas dinner here,we can have x-mas all together. When she said ok,it made me very happy. The girls were gonna finally bury the hatchet and not in each others heads. Har,Har,Har. We had two turkeys and all the trimmins. Plenty of turkey left to take home,nothin beats a turkey sandwich before bed. I had to get home before 6 pm boxing day in case my son phoned so my daughter drove me home. The roads were slippery as hell as long as she took her time we were ok. Wonder if my foot marks are still in the floor of the van.Even though she took her time its hard not to but the brakes on too. We got home before my other daughter and we brought her sons home with us. So my daughter could'nt go right home after bringing us home. My youngest had to take a cruise around the Rez just to be nozy. She finally phoned when she got home so i could quit worrying. I still worry about my kids now they have kids more people to worry about. I guess thats part of parenthood. That was my x-mas how was yours. Did everyone get their Christmas Goose.


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