Thursday, May 10, 2007

Give This Blog Another Whirl. "I MISS MY AUNT".

Well its been a bad few months for the family.Lost aunt Florence in Feb. a friend Charlie and a cousin Quinto-Shane in Apr. and my last aunt Noreen in May. I hope that's it for awhile. Aunt Noreen's death was caused by mistakes made by her doctor.He passed her complaints off as arthritise and old age. It was only after seeing another doctor they found an aneurism in her stomach.They found a hernia while they had her open,which they repaired. But the unseen damage was done.The pressure from the two problems on her blood vessels to her intestines caused the intestines to die. They had to take 3/4's of her intestines out and her spleen.Which meant there was'nt enough left to keep her fed without the help of feeding tubes. And we knew she would not want to live like that. She came home and seemed to be getting better. Her sodium level was down to dangerous levels and had to go back into hospital. From that point on everything just went from bad to worse. After emergency surgery to operate on her intestines she ended up on life support. My daughter and i left that Monday to go see her. The nurses held off on the sedative she could tell who was there to visit. My daughter had to go back that day but i was gonna stay near her. Im glad my brother was able to come so she did'nt have to drive back alone. I hated to see her like that because she was like a mother to me. We all knew she would hang on till her son got there he was way out west making deliveries (has his own semi) and it took a few days to get there. He got there at 3:00 am and the family chose to shut the life-support off at 10:00 am. Our trip took 3-4 hours but others had 7-8 hour trip. They had to go back home and make a 10-11 hour trip to the Rez. But everyone that made it to the hospital made it to the Rez for the wake and memorial service.She helped so many different people in her life time but if you screwed up she had no problem giving you the what for. She was a scary but very caring person. I will miss her very much,,,,,no more twice a week calls from me or if i missed she would call. And i would bring a care package of wild meat and fish and other groceries whenever i could. She would always offer me money but i did'nt do it in hopes of getting paid. Although i came home with raison biscuits and pies a few times. That was more than enough payment for me. I still have some biscuits in the freezer. She just loved my home made Head-Cheeze ,made with pork hocks ,no pigs head in my cheeze. She always brought me boxes of stuff when ever she could visit so other family members would share in the wealth. Of course i kept the good stuff.LOL. I hope her daughter and grand-daughter get through this without to much trouble. But i will keep in touch as much as before. After all this is ,my advice to you is always get a second opinion. Only thing about our people is they can hold pain in and any complaints. I think many have died needlessly because of the idea they don't wanna be a bother. So remember get a second opinion it may help keep a loved one around a lot longer. Think were gonna see more family reunions now instead of meeting at funerals. But i don't know,i've heard that for years. I can always hope. I'll see you and the rest of the family in 35-40 years AUNTIE.


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