Friday, February 24, 2006


It's been snowing since last Friday but not enough to accumilate any amount But she has been bitterly cold at night and some days was just like spring. Still with the weird weather. We;ve had snow warnings a few times since but has hit south or north of us. Gotta share the wealth,my nephew in Massey said they got hit pretty good. Had a meeting last night which was cancelled so i got my ride to take me up to the Seniors Complex to take my sister some fresh frozen fish and to see how she doin. She let her phone go she's been fighting with Ma Bell so i cant call her. I really should go visit her mayb take my grand-daughter with me. We got an Alberta Clipper comin and we got a snow fall warning for our area agin. Along with this is an Arctic Air Mass so expect bitterly cold temps. Sposed to be -10 to -14 range till Monday not counting wind chill. I and a friend were goin out to Tim Hortons for coffee after seeing my sis last night and i told her we better just go back home cause we were hitting white outs and the roads were drifting. Better to be safe then sorry,mayb roads were better further or maybe not. Go see my brother i guess befor storm hits,its cloudy but the sun is shining right now. Just hope the weekly power outtage does'nt continue,bad enough they calling for 6''-12'' of snow.


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