Friday, February 17, 2006


Someone told me yesterday council said this would'nt happen agin. Maybe now they'll have a community meeting. We had thunder n lighting Thurs night snow,sleet, freezing rain a storm front thanx to the state of Oklahoma. The lights started blinking in afternoon so it was only a matter of time. They went out around 10 pm so off to bed ,they come back on a 11 pm so up i get to watch a movie out agin at 1 am. At least the power came on at 5am long enough to warm house before i got up. Good thing i had a screw driver handy to pry my doors open so i could get out. We got 3'' of froze sleet then a layer snow and a 1'' crust of ice. Dang near wrenched my knee breaking thru crust. And i skied down my steps off the deck what i thought was snow was ice covered snow at least i stayed on my feet. My poor dog a bottom watin for me did'nt know what to think. I went to my bros to thaw out before 7 am,had to break that layer before i could get his door open. Got me wondering how many other people were stuck inside,iced in. When our buddy Gus showed up he said it took him awile to get out of his house. Phones stayed on long enough for me to make sure my daughter was ok,she went to her sisters. Phone went out about 9am....damn. Our plowman came and plowed us out and the sound he made brought back memories of my tug fishing days when we used to break ice to get out to open water. Exactly the same sound when plow was breaking thru the ice. When Gus left i went home to just to see if i had power but my nephew stopped and asked if i wanted to go to Tim Hortons..sure. When we were comin home i was trying to look in houses to see if their lights were on some were on a good sign. I went up to seniors complex with my neph they had people their councilors and community members someone made soup sandwiches that was a warming station. I was there the day before ,i saw workers their they were installing a generator at least they'll have heat. So we got a place to go now when power goes out agin. Only thing different from last week it a hell of alot colder. We have a place for people to go now which is good ,good thing i got my brother next door. Storm comin ,i hope it misses us. later............


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