Tuesday, November 09, 2004

i shouldnt have-damn

Did u ever start a simple little task that snowballed into something thats gonna take all of tomorrow. shoot, it was just a little leak in drain from bathtub,and the bathtub faucet for cold had a drip that called out 2 me ,fix me. so like a fledgling mr. fixit i started work on it after six,never ,never start a job after stores are closed. because sure as hell somthing is gonna go wrong big time,well guesswhat. who ever did the plumbing in this house did a real shoddy job. i got me cuz 2 drive around 4 tools n parts i needed,borrow here and there,can never get evrything in 1 place. i always buy extra when im fixin stuff,it always comes in handy,i sound like my dad. maybe thats why oim part packrat,he never threw nothin away. this will come in handy ,i can still hear him. more often than not it did. he grewup in a time when our people did'nt have nothin. so they learned to save. well i got my day planned 4 tomorrow weather i likr it or not. it would have had 2 b done eventually. i hate it when my tools grow legs n disappear and the extra parts i had r no more. the flood was'nt as bad as it could have been,basement needed a good scrub anyhow. well thats enough bitching,i feel better now.........theres been a helicopter flyin around all evening, they b lookin 4 maryjawannie,prob those rich bastards at the island,we owned those 3 islands one time. it was'nt orange so it was'nt air-sea-rescue,make me nervy when they around ,always think it 1 of our punt fisherman or 1 of the tugs in trouble. this time of year gale force winds come up quick,we lost three tugs so far last 10 years,lucky no loss of life. knock on wood. we lost punt fisherman a couple a years ago from exposure,this time of year. we lost a few from drowning. our rez water on 3 sides ,grow up near water ,still peeps don't learn 2 swim. im not a very happy camper today,but tomorrow is gonna b a better day. all together now we are all gonna have a better day,and our probs will fade away.


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