Tuesday, November 30, 2004

I smell like my dogz, i thought u eventually look like

What a beutiful day 4 a duck, rainin again. Let my snoopy out this morn 2 do his thing. Still cant get over how he can balance on 2 legs. Then again he is my dog,he takes after the master. Is why he smart dog n if there are dog or cat owners out there u all know thats a crock a ship, i was gonna write shit but i have ladies readin this.lol
My pets have me well trained,i bring home scrap fish 4 dogs n make fish cicicles.And i bring home out of date smoked fish,thats 4 all of us. Now 4 my cats had up 2, 12 one time every one drop cats off here because they were my grandkids my daughter would say cause they were all black. My 2 toms were very busy, so spay n neuter ur pets.Says price is right. Off track here i bring fish home 4 cats , i throw them a chunk,they look at chunk then at me than fish at me . U get the pic. So i have 2 pick up n cut into bite size pieces than they'll eat or cook it, they sooner have cooked. Im gonna put my brand new waterheater 2 work this mornin,cause i smell.lol My snoopy came home n decided he would share his essance of skunk with the guy that feeds him.He also shared with sparky n bugs we all smell same now, n cats mittens n nuisance, they like rubbin there scent on snoopy 2 .He returned favor. Good thing he just ran thru where skunk let 1 go ,so the smell is'nt as strong as it coulda been. I let him in n i was in full recline when he climb on me. My recliner was hard 2 deskunk but i have very expensive stuff 2 kill smell. Spray cats{job n a half}spray dogs, then u gotta rub it in it B ok by wed. Be sure u do this b 4 u shower. Soak clothes in water n vinigar mixture, 4 those of us with limited funds,n cant throw out. lol Im so broke.
Hint hint click on my adds n i will buy new clothes,or a new comp. ........later ppl.


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