Friday, November 12, 2004

after 3 days we have water.

well finally got my plumbin fixed. between all the meetings n visitors i got it done. out of 25 joints only had 2 leaks, that took an hour 2 fix. good odds i figure , i know real plumbers that have more, if it sounds like im braggin i am. lol theres a big hole in the wall ,had 2 rip out drywall. got 3 nice purple shower cutains 4 tubsurrounds. improvise when u have 2 . all the snow melted but the cold stayed. take the good with the bad i guess. went on chat ,they were'nt as wild as other times. also went on mikmaq chat more laid back, to quiet 4 me. they b lookin 4 me 2 sign paychecks tomorrow i'll hide this time, i'll just sign my daughters. po every one. talked 2 someone on chat from toronto sent them 2 our booth at the st. lawrence market. we really need a website,peeps always askin 4 1. maybe i can drum up business on chatline. better hit the sack get up early 4 what i don't know. lot 2 b done b4 winter really hits..............later


Blogger Pebbles said...

Winters finally hitting me. It snowed out Friday night. I woke up Saturday morning and everything was white. I felt like a kid again when i saw the snow. I felt the excitement inside of me.

1:17 AM  

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