Sunday, November 14, 2004

war movie day with the grand kids

Baby sat my grandkids 2day,at least there not hard 2 feed. dozen boiled eggs 4 lunch,brady n kirk love there eggs. and 4 supper hot dogs another dozen everythings a dozen lol. had brady,kirk n kerry yesterday,had a big pot of chili 4 them,except brady he's at that just meat stage,nothin but meat,or chinese noodles dry with sauce mix on top. their older brother is fishing everyday so does'nt visit as much. can't remember ,but im sure there mom was that way , her sister n brothers were,weird appetite i mean. we watched The Klumps,We Were Soldiers, Blackhawk Down now its 4am n im watching Enemy At The Gates ww2 sniper movie. my cuz just im me n asked if i was watchin pron. lol don't know why but anytime ur asked what ur doin or was doin, if u say on comp. they all assume u watch pron. i know where they'ed b serfin if they had comp. spilling the beans on themselves,those ''PERV'S'' lol.n im not kiddin. still no snow here ,what we had melted. u don't have 2 thank me pebbles 4 sendin u some snow, u know us nish always share the wealth. ha,ha,ha. Jeepers Creepers is on next, hey pebbles r u into scarymovies, i'd like 2 c The Grudge. supposed 2 b good. i like Buffy The Vampire Slayer anyway she stars in. not tired so may as well watch jc. i can always watch tv with my eyes closed sometime 2day. i helped kids make paperplanes n show how 2 make,so i'll b cleaning up planes all over my yard tomorrow some time. well maybe i better try n sleep,i think there comin back today, mayb i'll see if kerry wants 2 go 2 church. im not religious but i hav'nt been 2 a sunday service in years. hope the ceiling don't collapse lol. see u heathens out there after church. lol....j k...............later


Blogger Pebbles said...

Thank you so much for snow!!! Your sharing with me is very much appreciated! Let me know when you want it back and i will send back up your way lol! =P

Yes i love scary movies! They are my favorite. All the Halloween movies, The Ring, Secret Window, anything made by Stephan King and so many others i enjoy watching. I to want to see The Grudge! Its originaly a Japanese movie and someone made an American version of it. I hear the Japanese version is even more scarier then the American one!

I hear you about kids and food. I went through that with my sister when she was younger. She would only eat chicken nuggets from Mc Donalds, hot dogs, chicken soup and cheerios.

2:44 PM  

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