Sunday, December 12, 2004

Saturday In The Park Must Have Been...................

The doggies stayed inside last night,kicked them out this mornin . A cold day but no precip at all. That Alberta clipper that was gonna come by n pick up moisture from great lakes, n spread tons a snow from here 2 east coast n on down the eastern seaboard. Mayb it will come yet. Did'nt touch a drop of paint 2day need some tools b4 i can start agin. Cant get a truck till tomorrow to pick up. Just watched movies 2day to kill time it so boring with zilch 2 do. Stayed off the comp 2day it was actin weird. Picked up a couple more viruses , i ran AVG it said they were from smiley central so got rid of everything i could find connected 2 smiley central. And an internet explorer hi jacker n somthin else i cant remember . But my spybot,avg,n ad-aware took them out. I love those free downloads that call for help ,recomended. The name brands r so expensive, when the free 1s do the same thing. As long as u update regular,every 2 days 4 me, might b over kill but ,comp does all the work. Well gonna watch 48 Hours at 11:00pm. I hope i dont wake up 2 tons of snow. It snowed n blew so much here 1 time ,i opened the front door and i could'nt get out. There was the biggest snow drift i ever saw blockin my front deck n door. Good thing 4 back doors Eh, lol. Took me all mornin 2 dig out, of course no 1 showed up 2 help till after i was done. Such is my luck. ''But i don't need no stinkin help'' heard that on a movie i tink. Better shut off my 70's music n get ready 4 movie. Nice title n nice song report 3:00am.


Blogger Pebbles said...

I downloaded those smilieys once to and infected my computer with viruses. I didnt even get any smilies! I thinks its all a scam. =/

11:57 PM  

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