Monday, December 13, 2004

'' Another Little Blast Of Snow''

It started to snow about noon ,heavy wet snow mixed with fluff, their callin 4 rain. If it s gonna snow, i hope its fluff cause our power already blinked off. A branch prob. got 2 heavy n touched the lines. Just enough 2 screw up all the clocks,what does'nt have a clock now days. Got no phone in livin room had 2 set it up in my bedroom now there'z 3 phones in here. The jacks r screwed up in livin room, so i charge phone in here, then i can have portable in there anyway.
Well i guess ill have 2 work without tools that i needed . Nobody does u favors or helps anymore. If u got money 2 hire them ,then they beat a path 2 ur door. Not like old times which is'nt all that long ago, when ppl were more than glad to help u ,all u had 2 do was return the favor someday. That was our traditional ways ,lost but not forgotten by a few of us. There r so many so called traditionals around here . Hippocrits. Well i better leave it at that b4 i get my blood pressure up. I think i'll leave my bedroos door open 2nite n leave a tap running so i can sleep to sound or runnin water. Long as i dont have an accident in bed lol. Eh. Pebbles Theres nothin like the sound of nature 2 help u 2 sleep. U cant leave window open now 2 let natures music in, wake up 2 a drift across my bed. Beds next 2 window. Well good-night all..............zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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