Friday, December 10, 2004

It's To Early To Be Smellin Paint

Mayb if i lay here 4 awhile,when i get up all the paintin will b done. 4:30 am. 2 early to start a job,not on night shift. As i look out my winda i c no storm but their is a storm watch n storm warnin 4 southern ontario. Snow,rain,freezin rain their callin 4 every kind of precipitation 4 our area. Which means watch 4 it or its comin. Most of it north -east n south of us,but when has a weather man been on the nose with the 4cast.. Wet snow n freezin rain headin your way there Pebbles,so u better hunker down n not do any local travelin. Unless ur headin south , lol.............back later with an update.


Blogger Pebbles said...

Grab it for me Teddy! Dont let it get me!!! I have some traveling to do. I still need to finish xmas shopping and in order to do that i have to travel out of town. I hope the bad weather passes by. =/

1:40 PM  

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