Friday, December 10, 2004

''It's here n its stuck''

8:22- The snow hit this aft. than rain tryin 2 freeze back 2 snow. I think the storm front stalled in ontario n cape croker is in the eye. So New York state is safe 4 now , buhwaahaahaa your next.
Always wanted 2 use that word not sure of spellin but what the hay. Felt sorry 4 my dogs so i brought them in, north east wind comin right off the lake. Imagine 3 bulls in a china shop , all vying 4 my attention n the cats noses r out of joint now. Their lookin at me like they want 2 ''When Pets Attack'' so if i dont post 4 a few days call the animal control. lol. A lady friend made some homemade bread ,wonder who b foolish enough 2 drive me 2 get. Im desparate made firehouse chili n no toast, sacralige to eat chili without toast. As u can c i don't believe in speell chek. Well im goin 4 bread......later


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