Saturday, December 11, 2004

''Got No Bread'' but lots of snow want some.

Well i did'nt get my bread . Oh well chili tastes better the next day anyway. Nobody crazy enough 2 drive me around. When its blowin like this a small amount of snow n u can't c 2 drive. We gettin snow n rain together if it freezes , im gonna have 2 crawl next door in the mornin 2 check on my bro. lol. Power outage is a possibility already blinnking off n on . If that happens i got 3 dogs n 2 cats 2 keep me warm,they already laid claim 2 my bed. I'd sleep on the couch if i had 1. lol. Next week i'll have 2 love seats 4 my animals n another recliner 4 me with heater n massauger n vibrator, HEY get ur mind out of the gutter. Wrong type of vibe_ _ _ _ _ i think anyway. [ blushes] Well im tard n wanna go ta bed....goodnight Pebbles n anyone else readin . Pebbles did my weather prediction come close or no. Or should i keep my day job. lol...........later ppl.


Blogger Pebbles said...

We got rain here all day. No snow thankfully. Or just not yet at least... I wonder if i can relocate New York on the earth? lol! I will call for help if you vanish for a few days lol. Goodnight!

3:04 AM  

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