Friday, December 10, 2004

Teddy's Interior Decorating

It's a good thing im workin 4 free,or i'd have 2 take out a bank loan 2 pay me. If this type of work was my stock n trade ,i may have finished by now. If it was just a matter of paintin b different ,but needed to do more work than planned. I keep tellin myself, self your doin a fine job,just take ur time an u will get it done.. Spot primed the walls n primed da cealing, ready for paint tomorrow ,then the walls . My friend has maroon paint wonder what colour id get if i mixed red n maroon, im scared it will dry bright red. I was thinkin of paintin my ceilin fan ,the body barn red n the fans white with black or red pin wheel. Then id b able 2 hypnotize ppl, you will all pitch in n buy me a hy def. big screen tv. Sounds like a plan 2 me, except it might make ppl go in2 convulsions. I've seen it happen in detox from watchin music video's. Oh well have 2 get tv the ole fashion way win a lottery. 4 some reason im tired don't know why, so off 2 bed for me........harsh wind but no snow or rain,im so happy............later ppl.


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