Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Well got rooms cleaned out,at least now i have room 2 move around. Still a bit 2 do as far as makin up a bed 4 company. Had 2 do some electrical work in 1 bedroom outlets n lights did'nt work. Just call me ''JACK'' Jack of all trades master of some. Why cant things b simple 4 a change, not that i mind surprises but not every time i attemp somethin. You want some cheeze with that whine u ask, ok i quit . Onward n Upward I Say. Now im gonna b a drywaller, painter n critic. Keeps me grounded if i critisize what i do now n agin. I can tell myself go to hell n i don't stay mad at me 4 2 long. Now 2 start on livin room, just realized, i have 2 strip everything off of walls. Ill do some 2night n do the rest bright n early Tuesday afternoon.
Thought Woody would call 2day n want 2 move some of the furniture from his humongous home,it's cold but no precip 2 speak of. We got snow showers n rain foecast 4 Tues. ,so that day is a wash out. I keeped my comp on most of the day n any ppl tryin 2 call cant get thru,mayb deep down i didnt want 2 b bothered. 1 good thing about phone not workin when comp on. Well i better take some more things off da walls . Then all i need 2 do Tues. is take surround speakers n shelvein down n put everythin in middle of da room. Better go 2 bed cause it's not gonna b as simple as 1,2,3,tomorrow . Im a firm believer in Murphys law, hows it go what can go wrong will go wrong.lol. Cant wait 2 c what tomorrow brings. Oh the anticipation is almost 2 much,lay down till that feelin goes away. Well i have 2 return calls that came in while i was so busy. Hell with it they know how 2 knock on my door if they want me. One thing that bugs me and i've done it 2 . U drive 2 someones house n honk the horn instead of gettin off ur fat ass n knockin on the door. Usually i would keep watchin tv or whatever i was doin at the time, n wait till they knocked. Wonder how many ppl did that 2 me serves me right if they did. I c them next day n they ask if i was away ,i say no. They were there they say ,oh ,i did'nt even hear u knock. I will never b blamed 4 stickin to the same subject when im bloggin. And why should 1 when u can jump all over. Don't want ppl to think they got me figured out, impossible i say cause i hav'nt figured me out yet. Now that im all worked up try n sleep now.......East wind blowin off the lake n makin ice,i may have 2 bring in my dogs, thats a harsh wind.....keep warm ppl....winters here 4 a couple a days..............later


Blogger Pebbles said...

lol @ BEYOTCH' Everyone seems to use that word. Maybe i should go against what i said and use it to lol.

I want to visit Wounded Knee some day. Its on my list of places to see. Maybe one day you will get to go.

Im gonna keep on spreading the happiness. =)

10:30 PM  

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