Thursday, December 02, 2004

''Kicking A Dead Horse''

Got a meetin with a major funder,we need 2 know how 2 disburse our assets,n how we go about, liquidating ,so they can get back some of the money. He wants 2 meet with the guy who killed the co-op, try n smooth things over n maybe start back up again. Myself i c no chance in Hell ever reasonin with that guy,he has his cronies puttin thungs in his head. And he's 2 far gone he's a head case now,he's changed so much since he got back on dope. We tried 2 ignore it because it was his business we started the co-op with, the main thing needed 2 start. I don't blame the funder were into them 4 alot of money so he don't want us 2 quit, but i c no options. Even some of our members, think he's gone around the bend,nobody likes 2 talk 2 him . He got what he wanted from the start, to get his original business back n all the additions n improvments n extra equipment we purchaced. Im gonna try my best to make sure he don't profit from the co-op's demise. Not much else 2 do till after next week when funder meets with the guy. just sit n wait...............later


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