Friday, December 03, 2004

Winters Here Again,Damn!!!!!!!!

Let it snow damn it. I finally got that big pile of gravel spread onto my drive way. Need 1 more scotty's gonna drop 1 more off ,that will finish it 2 edge of main road pavement. Let it settle over winter. I'll have a nice driveway come spring no more mud hole when it rains. Well i got lots of free time now n nothin to pass the time. Have 2 take some time tomorrow n look over my employment options. I love livin here on the rez but the employment is sporatic n not enough jobs 2 go around. The majority of jobs u need a drivers licence or previous experience. Lots of jobs with band office n different programs { our city hall} but u got 2 have the right last name if u know what i mean, n if u got reletives in high placed jobs ur a shoe in. Been like that 4 years nepotism runs rampant here just like any rez. Sorry 2 say. Thats why we wanted this co-op 2 fly. So the regular person could get a job so as 2 be able 2 get off welfare n apply 4 unemployment insurance 4 the winter n go back 2 work in spring. Our government is just like the federal gov. always braggin about the jobs they create, But like i said only the chosen few get jobs not the people that really need it. Now that im unemployed i guess, i'll let my fingers do the walking n c if theres nets i can do 4 someone. My old tug fishing boss maybe. I'd b more than happy 2 do nets for him n wait 2 get paid. I did that 4 him last year when he was havin financial problems, when u get a breakdown on a fish tug it's a major expence. He did not have good luck last year lots of breakdowns. But thats the fishin business. Still ppl out there that think it;s all gravey. If it snows all night i can shovel my driveway, jk. After losin so many cousins to heart attacks to shovelin snow . I quit used 2 shovel my 150ft. driveway n a 50 ft. strip in front of my house from 15 -25ft wide had a weird shaped driveway narrow at road n wider near house. When i got done my drive it looked like i used a knife 2 trim the banks n sweeped up after .It was a thing of beauty my drive than other ppl started to try out do me n the contest was on. ha, ha, ha . At least lots of ppl had nice drives. But just like in city ,u go inside have a coffee n admire ur work n the snow plow goes by n fills in ur driveway. Back outside n swear at the plowman so what if i used 2 b the plowman n have ppl swear at me. I took out many a mailbox,but its 1 of the hazards of havin snow removal. Well go chattin 4 a bit n hit the sack........later ppl


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