Thursday, January 20, 2005


Only got a couple a inches a snow so ah ain;t shovelin 2day. But is it bitterly cold out thar. I won't bother with my brudder's either cause a bit of snow u need 4 tracktion. Just go n check on after n get paper. I always take Snoopy or Sparky when i go they like 2 visit,just in case George is got goodies. Did i ever mention that r just like my kids,after their treat their ready 2 go. Are goin yet,Are we there yet u get the picture. They always take a tour of his house ,i hope their not markin their terretory in his rooms. He has never mentioned anything so i guess their just nozy. ''I HOPE''.... Their havin "SEX TRIVIA'' on chat 2nite....hmmmmmmmmmmmm. I guess i'll have 2 go n let them in on all i know or mayb what i don't know. Mayb it will b a sex education 4 me,wish i had a web cam. I whole heartedly believe that 1 picture is worth a thousand words. But was told web cam not work 2 good on dial-up. Well better get up n about n go c me brudder n feed aminals.....later


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